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Recent Press Releases

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CEP Celebrates Two Year Anniversary
The CEP is celebrating its two year anniversary by unveiling a new clean energy purchasing program and naming its 2006 legislative award winners. The clean energy purchasing program is a joint effort between CEP and Washington Gas Energy Services (WGES). It allows Maryland businesses to purchase green power at below standard offer electricity rates. CEP is also offering free membership for businesses that buy green power to match 100% of their electricity use.
CEP and CCAN Dissapointed by Maryland Electric Bill - Call for Real Solutions
Clean Energy Partnership and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network issue a joint statement expressing dissapointment with the Maryland Electricity bill and proposing a ten point plan for a safe, secure and clean energy future.
Fetzer Vineyards to Host Wine Industry's Largest Solar Energy System
3 Phases Energy, LLC, and MMA Renewable Ventures, LLC, a subsidiary of Municipal Mortgage & Equity, LLC, also known as MuniMae (NYSE: MMA), announced today a collaborative effort to develop the largest solar energy vineyard project in the United States at Fetzer Vineyards.
CEP Calls for Long-Term Solution to Maryland Energy Mess
The Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) is calling on Maryland legislators to avoid a temporary quick-fix to electricity prices and to instead adopt measures that will address long-term solutions. The group issued a document with a set of questions today that frames the issue, offers solutions, and can help interested parties determine whether the General Assembly passes legislation that’s meaningful to the long-term health of Maryland’s electricity market and the environment.
CEP Unveils New Wind Electric Offer to Save Money and Help the Environment
The Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) announced a new electricity offer for Maryland businesses today that will save money and help the environment at the same time. The offer, made in partnership with Washington Gas Energy Services (WGES) will provide Maryland businesses the opportunity to buy electricity with 50% or 100% wind content at below Standard Offer Service (SOS) rates. Businesses that sign up for the 100% offer will get a free membership in the CEP.
New Program Will Allow Trading of Energy Efficiency Credits
Sterling Planet has announced the first ever tradable credit system for energy efficiency. "White Tags" will work much like the Green Tags we use for renewable energy, but will measure energy conservation gains instead of renewable energy production.
Area Where Hurricanes Develop is Warmer, Say NOAA Scientists
The region of the tropical Atlantic where many hurricanes originate has warmed by several tenths of a degree Celsius over the 20th century, and new climate model simulations suggest that human activity, such as increasing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, may contribute significantly to this warming. This new finding is one of several conclusions reported in a study by scientists at the NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory in Princeton, N.J., published today in the Journal of Climate.
First Closed-Loop Biomass Plant in Nation Signs Power Deal
Progress Energy Florida announced that it has signed a 25-year contract to buy power from a plant fueled with grassy biomass. Biomass Investment Group, Inc. (BIG) plans to build a 130-megawatt power plant in Central Florida fueled with a crop it calls E-Grass, described as a fast-growing, high-yield perennial that is a member of the grass family. The company will grow the E-Grass as a dedicated energy crop and then convert it to biogas in its power plant, where the gas will be used to fuel a gas turbine. Once constructed, it will be the world's first commercial-scale "closed-loop" biomass power plant fueled with crops grown on site. Closed-loop biomass power plants are eligible for federal tax credits of 1.9 cents per kilowatt-hour of electricity produced for the first 10 years of power production.
Clean Energy Partnership Applauds Leventhal Clean Energy/Green Building Bills in Montgomery County
The Clean Energy Partnership is enthusiastically supporting two bills proposed today by Montgomery County Council President George Leventhal (D). One bill would require the county to buy 20% of its electricity from renewable resources and the other would require new commercial buildings to meet certain green building standards. Both would represent a major step forward toward a cleaner environment and less dependence on volatile fossil fuels. Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan has endorsed both measures.
Duncan, Leventhal Announce Wind Energy, Green Buildings Initiatives
On the eve of Earth Day, Montgomery County Executive Douglas M. Duncan and Montgomery County Council President George Leventhal unveiled aggressive environmental initiatives to substantially increase the County’s purchase of clean, renewable energy and require that new buildings constructed in the County meet strict green building standards. Duncan and Leventhal, who were joined by County Councilmember and Chair of the Council’s Transportation and Environment Committee Nancy Floreen, also released a 10-year environmental sustainability report and unveiled the County’s first hybrid buses.
Major Victories for Clean Environment in 2006 Maryland General Assembly Session
The Clean Energy Partnership scored a series of victories for a cleaner, better future in this year’s Maryland General Assembly Session. The victories cap a four year cycle that moved Maryland into the forefront of state’s taking action to address climate change and create a renewable energy future.
The Healthy Air Act (SB 154/HB 189) officially became law today as Governor Ehrlich signed the measure that the General Assembly had overwhelmingly supported. The Governor had aggressively lobbied against the bill, particular the section dealing with the global warming gas, carbon dioxide. The bill requires Maryland’s dirtiest coal fired power plants to dramatically cut emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and mercury. It also requires Maryland power plants over 25 megawatts to cut emissions of carbon dioxide by ten percent by 2019 as part of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). The measure was sponsored by Senator Paul Pinsky (D) and Delegate Jim Hubbard (D), with the strong support of House Speaker Mike Busch (D).
Maryland General Assembly Passes Strongest Clean Air Bill in Nation
The Maryland General Assembly gave final approval today to a landmark piece of legislation that will dramatically cut pollution from the state’s power plants. The Senate voted overwhelmingly in support of the Healthy Air Act (HB 189/SB 154), sending the measure to Governor Ehrlich for his signature. Earlier in the day, the House of Delegates beat back several hostile amendments from conservative lawmakers and passed the measure 107-27.
CEP Praises Montgomery County for Commitment to Clean Energy Purchase
CEP Executive Director Gary Skulnik praised Montgomery County for committing to purchase ten percent of its electricity from wind power, a doubling of its current purchase. County Executive Duncan made an announcement about the purchase today. He said that the Montgomery County buying group, which includes several local governments and agencies, is going to use some of the savings it earned from its newest electricity purchase to buy wind power. Montgomery County made history just two years ago when it purchased wind power to meet five percent of its needs. At the time, it was the largest municipal government purchase of clean energy in the entire country.
CEP Member Nana Design Wins Prestigious Ad Award
CEP Member Nana Design wins a prestigious DC advertising award.
CEP Calls for Long-Term Energy Solutions in MD
The Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) is calling for Maryland leaders to adopt measures to further promote renewable energy and energy efficiency as part of the solution to volatile electricity market prices that are going to hit consumers when Standard Offer Service (SOS) rate caps expire this summer.
CEP Statement on Massive Electric Rate Increases in MD
The Maryland PSC announced massive electric rate increases for Maryland consumers this summer. CEP calls for more renewable energy and other measures to help consumers and the environment.
CEP Urges Support of Virginia Wind Farm
The Clean Energy Partnership is urging the Virginia State Corporation Commission to give approval to a proposal to build a 40 megawatt wind farm in Highland County, Virginia.
Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Healthy Air Act in Maryland
A recent statewide poll shows 90% of likely Maryland voters support the Healthy Air Act, a bill that would require Maryland’s dirtiest power plants to significantly reduce harmful emissions of nitrogen, sulfur, mercury, and carbon dioxide. In addition, 78% of Marylanders see pollution from coal-fired power plants as a significant threat to air quality, and a majority of voters believe air quality is getting worse in the state.
Maryland Solar Company Partners Up to Build World's Largest Solar PV Array in Nevada
Powered by Renewables (PBR) of Nevada announced today it will partner with SunEdison of Maryland to develop the world's largest solar photovoltaic (PV) project in Nevada. The 18 megawatt (MW) project almost doubles what is currently the world's largest PV project (10MW) located in Germany.
Victory! Governor Ehrlich Agrees to Boost Money for Renewable Energy
Governor Ehrlich agreed to fund the Maryland Solar Energy Grant Program and to purchase some renewable energy for state buildings today.
Walgreens to Harness Power of Sun
Drugstore chain, Walgreens announced it will put solar systems on more than 100 stores in New Jersey and California.
National Environmental Trust - Hiring Deputy Communications Director
Description: National Environmental Trust (NET) seeks media relations expert with three to five years of experience.
Ford Issues Climate Change Report
Ford Motor Co. has issued its first ever report on the business implications of climate change.
States Move Forward on Plan to Tackle Global Warming While Maryland Sits on the Sidelines
A coalition of Northeastern and Mid Atlantic states announced final agreement today on a plan to cut greenhouse gases from power plants by ten percent by 2018. Maryland was not part of the agreement. The modest, but historic first step in the fight to solve global warming is known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). It is supported by a bi-partisan group of governors from Maine to Delaware. Last August, Clean Energy Partnership Executive Director Gary Skulnik wrote to Maryland Governor Ehrlich urging him to have the state join RGGI. The Governor has declined to do so despite mounting evidence of the cost of global warming to Maryland.
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