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Bank of America Offers Hybrid Incentive
Bank of America is offering its employees $3k to buy hybrid cars in a move sure to have ripple effects across corporate America.
Corporate America Warms to Fight Against Global Warming
Corporate leaders from Duke Energy and other large energy companies are calling for government action to control carbon dioxide and solve global warming.
2 Studies Link Global Warming to Greater Power of Hurricanes
Climate researchers at Purdue University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology separately reported new evidence yesterday supporting the idea that global warming is causing stronger hurricanes.
CEP Member Honest Tea wins Business Award
Since forming in 1998, Honest Tea has grown to become the leading organic bottled tea company in national market share, according to a recent report by San Francisco natural foods research company Spins. The 25-employee Bethesda business is now well known for its employee-friendly policies as well. Honest Tea was among 48 companies honored May 19 at the statewide Alliance for Workplace Excellence’s annual awards luncheon in North Bethesda.
Study Finds Great Potential for Ocean Energy in Northeast
In a one-year study of Maine's tidal power potential, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) concluded that it provides an excellent resource that could produce electricity at costs competitive with wind and natural gas, and less expensive than solar and so-called "clean coal." And, like wind and solar, capturing energy from the tides emits no greenhouse gases.
Mountaintop removal mining opponents support wind farm
One of the most important anti-mountain top removal mining groups in the Appalacheans threw its support behind a West Virginia wind farm, making a strong case that wind power is environmentally friendly and far superior to coal power.
Goldman Sachs & Co. Invests in Cellulose Ethanol
A major Wall Street player invests in a firm that's trying to bring cellulose ethanol to market. Cellulose ethanol holds the promise of a cleaner, more plentiful supply of ethanol.
Challenging Toyota's Hybrid Hegemony
A German-American consortium of BMW, DaimlerChysler and GM have developed a new hybrid system that can compete with Toyota's.
Federal Study Finds Accord on Warming
A scientific study commissioned by the Bush administration concluded yesterday that the lower atmosphere was indeed growing warmer and that there was "clear evidence of human influences on the climate system."
CEP Green Business Package Draft
The CEP Green Business Package is coming soon.
PA Governor Unveils Model Ordinance for Wind Siting
Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell (D) has unveiled a model ordinance that will help clarify the siting rules for wind farms within the state. The draft ordinance represents a model that other states can follow, according to the Governor’s office.
The Next Green Revolution: Pro Business Environmentalism
Great piece in Wired Magazine... With climate change hard upon us, a new green movement is taking shape, one that embraces environmentalism's concerns but rejects its worn-out answers. Technology can be a font of endlessly creative solutions. Business can be a vehicle for change. Prosperity can help us build the kind of world we want. Scientific exploration, innovative design, and cultural evolution are the most powerful tools we have. Entrepreneurial zeal and market forces, guided by sustainable policies, can propel the world into a bright green future.
Holographic Solar Could Bring Down Costs Signficantly
A novel approach to concentrating sunlight could cut solar panel costs.
Tapping Into a Changing Climate - Global Warming and Maple Syrup
JEFFERSONVILLE, Vt. — Sitting in his son's sugarhouse, Rex Marsh, 71, can recall winters so cold that no one in northern Vermont ever thought of tapping a sugar maple before town meeting day on the first Tuesday of March. The winter snow routinely drifted 6 feet deep. Every sluggish step was in snowshoes. Even if the trees thawed, the sap would freeze in the bucket, bursting its metal seams. "I've been doing this since I was big enough to carry a bucket," Marsh said. "Tapping in January? Never. Never. Never." For the last two years, however, the Marshes have tapped their maples in January, the earliest they can recall in the family's five generations of sugar making.
Gristmill: Grist Interview with Maryland Sen. Paul Pinsky on Healthy Air Act
An interview with Sen. Paul Pinsky, one of the lead sponsors of the Maryland Healthy Air Act 2006.
Pollution Pact Gets Maryland as 8th Member - Healthy Air Act becomes Law!
The Healthy Air Act, the Clean Energy Partnership's #1 legislative priority, was signed into law. Now Maryland will join seven other states in an historic pact to cut global warming gases from power plants.
New Prius to get 113 MPG??
Toyota is charging ahead in the race for domination of the hybrid car market, according to Auto Express spies. The firm's next Prius will be so efficient it will be the first production car capable of returning more than 110mpg.
Baltimore plans for greener future
Baltimore parks and planning officials are to announce plans today to make Baltimore's appearance softer, greener and more pleasant by doubling the city's tree canopy - the total area covered by leaves - in the next 30 years.
Md. Senate poised to approve air pollution limits for some plants
The Maryland Sentate is poised to approve the Healthy Air Act. The Senate voted 34-12 to give preliminary approval to the measure after four hours of debate.
Carbon Dioxide Hit Record in 2005
The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere climbed to a record 381 parts per million last year, an increase sure to spark further debate on global warming.
Israeli Firm Plans Gigawatt-Capable Solar Plants
world's fossil fuel reserves are set to run out in 30 to 40 years, but Israel could be relying on solar energy for 80 percent of its power needs by that time, researchers in the country say.
Jerusalem Becomes First City in Middle East to Launch "Green Map"
Earlier this week, Jerusalem became one of 326 cities in 46 countries throughout the world, and the first city in the Middle East, to launch its own "Green Map."
Our Say: This is the year for real action on air pollution
Editorial in Annapolis Capital in favor of the Healthy Air Act
Debate on Climate Shifts to Issue of Irreparable Change
Now that most scientists agree human activity is causing Earth to warm, the central debate has shifted to whether climate change is progressing so rapidly that, within decades, humans may be helpless to slow or reverse the trend.
2005 was hottest year ever recorded
Climatologists at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York City noted that the highest global annual average surface temperature in more than a century was recorded in their analysis for the 2005 calendar year.
Is it Warm in Here? We could be ignoring the biggest story in our history
Opinion piece by David Ignatius arguing that global warming is the biggest news story of our day.
Legislature should adopt measures that encourage long-term price stability for electricity
CEP Executive Director Gary Skulnik writes an opinion piece in the Gazette.
No More Mr. Nice Guy: Climate change is pushing this easygoing enviro over the edge
Author and long time environmental activist Bill McKibben explains why that the environmental movement is reaching an important point of division, between those who truly get global warming, and those who don't. This explains why the anti-wind groups just don't get the big picture. Originally published in
Ecoprint: Greening the Industry One Print Run at a Time
CEP Member Ecoprint Featured! The committed staff at Ecoprint, an innovator in environmentally preferable printing processes, share the best practices that have made their company a success.
Lack of Initiative - Baltimore Sun Editorial on Maryland and Global Warming
Editorial in the Baltimore Sun calling on Maryland to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative or come up with another plan to address global warming.
Global climate changes put Maryland's economy at risk
An Op-Ed piece in the Baltimore Sun by Maryland Economist Professor Kristen Sheeran.
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